Rates 2014

RATES 2014

2014 rates were determined at the general meeting of January 18 and remain unchanged from 2013,

Annual Member:

Map adult: €110.00
Youth Card: €55,00 (less than 18 years old or student)

Annual non-member fisherman:

Day: €25,00

1/2 day: €20,00 (business hours = either sunrise sunset till 12.30 or 12.30 at the sunset)


Rules of procedure (extract) fishing arrangements to Source Saint Roger in surge tank.

In order to fish, the Subscriber must be in possession:

  • of a membership card issued by an APPMA, bearing the necessary fish stamps and annual active membership issued by the association fly Ardennaise for the current year with a recent photo (card issued after payment of the corresponding fee).

Persons not members of the association will be able to fish, with a membership card issued by any, coated APPMA necessary fish stamps and a daily authorization by "Fly Ardennaise" payment of a sum which shall be fixed annually by the General Assembly.

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